Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I’ll be whimpering in the corner over my sad, sad baking skills

It was Liz’s birthday last Friday! (If you don’t know who Liz is yet, click here.) And she had a fantabulous party on Saturday in celebration of her birth—or as I like to think of it, her hatching. I’m pretty sure she emerged from a dinosaur egg as an adorable little troll doll. Anywho…

Yeah, I poop rainbow sprinkles, too. But only when I've visited Cold Stone Creamery.
THIS was her birthday cake. Her cousin Ren made it. He goes to the Culinary Institute of America. The Unicorn Cake class must be amazing there. Seriously, I’m in love with this cake. Because I love unicorns…AND sprinkles. And it reminds me of this.

But most of all, I love this cake, because when I make a cake, it turns out like…
It's the thought that counts, right? RIGHT?!
So, I made spinach and artichoke dip instead. I would share the recipe, might be easier to just look on the back of a Knorr's Vegetable Mix package. I also wrote a song for Liz while I was in the shower today!
“She’ll make you
Laugh a little
Gag a little
Maybe give you Staph a little

That’s the story of…
That’s the glory of Liz.”

Obviously, I just substituted a few choice words for the song, “The Glory of Love.” I know it from when Bette Midler's character sings it in Beaches, specifically this part. Seriously, you should go watch that clip! Imagine Liz in that costume. It’s awesome.


eliz a beth said...

Aw, The only thing missing from that little number CC is wearing is a unibrow and facial hair. Other than that, it's perfect.

I made a song about you too. It goes to the tune of my current favorite song by Daft Punk, Something About Us.

Blair might not be Chef Ramsay
Blair might not be Chef Batali
But there's something about Blair I want to say,
She for shiz beats the hell out of Rachel Ray.

She makes me dip and pretzels
She covers them in chocolate
Only the pretzels, and not the dip
She doesn't mess up or make big slips

Need her dip more than anything in my life.
Want her toast more than anything in my life.
Miss her cake more than anyone in my life.
Love her pie more than anyone in my life.

MMM-MMMM Smooth jams always get the ladies goin'

Lulu said...

I'm just wondering...are the sprinkles streaming out of the Unicorn's BooTay? Because, it would only make sense that unicorns would poop sprinkles! :)

Emily said...

Hi Blair! I like your blog- it's a lot of fun. :-) This entry reminded me of another blog that I stalk: You've gotta check it out, it's hilarious!!

Take care!!

Blair said...

Thanks, Emily! I'm glad you like the blog. I, too, am a stalker of cakewrecks. It kills me. (In a good way, of course.)