Thursday, July 16, 2009

This little Dudette went to market.

And I totally cried “wee wee wee” all the way home, too.

Out of excitement, of course! The farmer’s market in my town finally opened at the beginning of July, but today’s the first time I’ve had a chance to go. It’s a once-weekly affair, and last week lazing around the apartment in my pajamas took precedence.

There’s really no grand point to this post, except I hope it motivates you to seek out a farmer’s market in your area. Or, if you live in my old stomping grounds—Big AR—then make it a point to stop and check out the roadside produce stands. After long, hot days swimming at Lake DeGray as a kid, I used to love it when mom stopped on the side of the highway and let us pick out watermelons from the old men selling from their truck beds. Hope you find some yummy, fresh fruits and veggies!

Here are my awesome scores: potatoes, lettuce, summer squash, a cucumber, Portabello mushrooms, blueberries, grape tomatoes and a chive plant.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Ok, so I'm not exactly back with a bang. It's more like... back with a fizzle. Besides, it's the Monday after a bang, pop and explosion-filled Fourth of July weekend, so I'm sure all of you have had plenty of excitement already.

So while you're preoccupied, filled with grilled burgers and just trying to get through the workday, I'm going to slink back into this blog unnoticed. Don't worry, I'll try to dazzle you later, when visions of fireworks have disappeared from your heads.

For now, here are some interesting food tips I've been reading. They come from a Food Network notepad that I received as a parting gift at the end of my short stint there back in the spring. Here are a few that I found helpful.

-"Herbs last longer if you remove bands or ties from bunches before storing. Herbs deteriorate from the inside out and along the tie when bunched. Store hardy herbs, thyme, rosemary, oregano, tarragon and sage loosely packed in a paper towel-lined sealed container."

-"Paper or Plastic? Mushrooms should take the paper route because they become slimy when stored in plastic bags. If your grocer only supplies plastic bags, transfer mushrooms to a bowl and cover with a paper towel before refrigerating."

-"Pineapple's peak is March through July. The sniff test rather than plucking a frond will tell you if the fruit is ripe. Turn the fruit upside down and take a whiff--if it has a full fruity perfume, it is ready. Steer clear of ones with any smell of alcohol. A golden shell indicates a softer fruit, better for desserts, and a greener hue points to firmer flesh, better for savory dishes."