Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Liz, The Modern Day Hunter-Gatherer (and some-time comic)

Broken Kitchen 1-Breakfast (Click for enlarged view)

Say hello to Dudette in the Kitchenette's very first comic (!), drawn by one of the very few people willing to listen to all of my crap and frequent life complaints-Liz. She was a little jarred by the upbeat nature of my blog, so her hilarious comics about kitchen thrift will be appearing regularly to add a much needed blend of dark and disgusting to my barrage of cupcakes and rainbows. In her first Broke Kitchen comic, Liz lays out a plan for eating a balanced (or at least, protein-rich) breakfast. If you're having trouble reading the print, click on the picture to see a larger version. Check out Liz's blog, Lizbot, for more humor in the form of haikus and various musings.

Btw, thanks Liz!!! You rock. :)


Anonymous said...

BAH!!! I thoroughly enjoy the supposed cockroach hunter. I know me and Blair used to sleep with them...sorta...eh..I want more.

Anonymous said...

was that a little spin on some rod stewart up there with the cupcakes?? awesome!

Chantal-- said...

so cute!