Thursday, January 22, 2009

Could this be? More cupcakes?

So either Blogger is being a jerk, or I just don't know how to use it. (Considering my computer skills, I'm going to guess it's something I'm doing wrong.) Either way, the photos looked strange and wouldn't stay in place when I uploaded them all into one post. are some more Martha Stewart cupcakes. Enjoy!

Brownie Hearts on Chocolate Brownies with Basic Buttercream and Handwritten Valentines on One-Bowl Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Glaze. Ah, the obligatory Valentine’s Day spread. Props for including a cupcake for brownie fans!

Strawberry with Strawberry Buttercream. This was included in the Valentine layout as well, and it looks DELICIOUS. Valentine’s Day, my birthday, Groundhog Day, whatever. I’ll take a dozen, please.

Last, but certainly not least—the cutesy cupcakes. That hedgehog on the lower left-hand corner kills me. Look at his little almond prickles! And the black section of the sunflower cupcake is actually chocolate-covered sunflower seeds. I know someone who would probably nibble those off quite gleefully.

I would nibble on any of these gleefully.

(As I said before, I wasn't able to find online recipes for all of these. Click on the highlighted ones to be directed to the proper recipe on the Martha Stewart site.)


Little Miss Tiara said...

hello! Just stumbled upon your blog and drooled over all those cupcakes thing, yumm... xD

I love all those pictures! Ah, if only I had a read cupcakes on my hand now...

Courtney said...

I want the bumble bee one! My mother and I are doing cake decorating classes soon and I am excited!

Chantal said...

Blair! Why do you do this to me?! I want to jump into the screen and eat everything! :)

Sasha said...

Blair! <3 me some Martha cupcakes! Yes, I have indeed started up a cupcake business! We are called Cup and Cake and are the first cupcake bakery in Paris (we even have to wholesale order our cupcake baking cups from Australia!) We plan to open up shop in September if all goes as planned! I will put you on our mailing list so you can keep yourself updated on all things cupcakes in Paris!

I love reading all about your life on your blog - so great! Im glad to hear that everything is going well for you! If you are ever in Paris I will be SURE to hook you up with some of our cupcakes - we do some really awesome flavor combination as well as a whole line of gluten-free and vegan cupcakes!



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