Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Getting a slice of that Twitter pie

Ok, I’m not really.


And just in case you don’t know (I’m looking at you, mom), Twitter is the biggest, bangiest thing in social networking sites since Facebook and Myspace. Basically, you have friends who follow your tweets, small 140 character posts about what you’re doing, where you are, what you’re reading, etc. People tweet their daily routines, links to blogs, philosophical thoughts, you name it. It’s like mini blog posts for those afflicted with ADHD. (That’s part of my discomfort with the idea—our nation’s attention span seems to get shorter and shorter every day…)

BUT! I will admit that there are some pretty creative and interesting uses for the site. Some cooking and food tweeters have popped up. And while I’m not sure how I feel about the actual site yet, I think this little slice of Twitter pie is good enough to share.

Back in April the New York Times wrote an article about Maureen, a 27-year-old who tweets recipes through the site on cookbook. Think about that. A recipe. In 140 chararcters. Serious editing skills.

From the article: ‘“I do this as a coffee-break hobby,” she said. “Kind of like sudoku. I really get a kick out of how complex a recipe I can fit into 140 characters.”

(Thanks for the tip, Drew!)

And if you’re a fan of the humor blog, Cake Wrecks, which documents “when professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong,” check out the official Cake Wrecks Twitter. It’s a great way to get an extra dose of baked goods (preferably the disastrous kind!), and blogger Jen shares links and content that don’t appear on the regular blog. By the way, if you’re not a fan of Cake Wrecks, you should be. Trust.

Have any of you encountered some fun or interesting food Twitters? If so, I wanna hear about it!


Kirby said...

I kind of hate twitter. I've never been on it but having people follow your tiny "everyday" things?? Self-centered much?

cj said...

I actually knew "twitter", thank you very much!! so is it 140 words or 140 characters? I guess I could twitter instead of texting you to inform you of my exciting activities!

Blair said...

Exactly, Kirbs! But like I said, some people are being creative with it. And the rest are tweeting about what they ate for lunch.

Sorry mom. Didn't mean to insult your vast knowledge of the internet!

And it's 140 characters, not words. Oops. I did write both. I suppose you could twitter instead of text me, but I'm not sure everyone else wants to hear about our BMs. ;)

LoveANewIdea said...

I'm a big Twitter fan. Makes a nice blog feed too, so you always have a little bit of fresh content on your blog. And, you can tweet from your cell phone, and also upload photos to Twitter from your cell phone. And, I have tweeted a recipe, upon request, via Twitter - it was for portobello mushroom pizza.