Monday, April 6, 2009

In which I die of an Acute Adorable-Snackage-on-a-Stick Attack

In this edition of cute, squee-inducing food I want to munch on, I present you with Bakerella’s Easter Cake Pops.

There won’t be much commentary (just the gorgeous photos from Bakerella’s site), because I’m dead from cuteness, remember? Really, I just came back to make sure you see this. Yes, these cake pops are so important that I have risen from the dead to blog about them.

The sheep pops are my absolute favorite.

With the Easter Eggs coming in at a close second. The colorful sugar is killing me!

Candy corn ears! The Easter Bunnies are genius.

These bunny foo foo's have tic-tac ears and marshmallow tails.

And finally, the Spring Chickens!

I have convinced myself that, despite my lack of talent in decorating, my shaky, shaky hands and all-around bad coordination, I might try to make some of these. I’ll be sure to post pictures of the mess should I actually have a go at it.

If you want to try them as well, you can find the recipes and all of the candies and materials Bakerella used at the coordinating links. Happy Easter!


rae.ozanne said...

I dunno about putting the spring chickens in last place, Blair. Nothing is cuter than a fat, round animal with stubby legs!! They are all definitely "squee-worthy"!

Blair said...

haha, I agree! None of them belong in last place. Maybe I should have put a picture of rocks or cockroaches after the spring chickens, just to make it clear that they still infinitely cuter than most things on this planet. I'll keep that in mind for next time. :)

Kirby said...

I want to know how she got them so SMOOTH...

Blair said...

I know Kirby! My cake balls were nowhere near that smooth and pretty. There has to be a trick.