Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ZOMG!!1! Girl Scout Cookies!

The pictures on these boxes haven't changed since I was selling them twelve years ago...Someone needs a makeover? That was my exact reaction this Saturday when I saw a group of Girl Scouts dressed in their tacky little Brownie vests selling cookies. While my mature boyfriend was getting his taxes done at one of those little tax-people booths, I was reverting back to childhood and panting over the thought of Thin Mints--my all-time favorite.

Needless to say, I bought four boxes.

(Well, Jon bought me four boxes, because I never have any cash.)

But it was a Girl Scout Cookie miracle, because I thought I wouldn’t get any this year. My mom works in an elementary school, so she usually has a ton of students to buy from, which therefore secures my annual box. But this year—this anomaly of a year—no one asked my mother to buy any cookies. I didn’t think I would find any on my own. But I did!

I feel like an adult now that I’ve bought my own cookies. It wasn’t that long ago that my sister and I were wearing our own tacky green sashes covered in patches, delivering cookies in our little red wagon to the neighbors. We were fanatical about our cookie selling, and ended up peddling hundreds of boxes every year. One year, we sold about 600 between the two of us. Look, if you don’t believe me, check out this picture of us organizing our stock in our living room.

I love my cranky Kirby.

Clearly my Girl Scout Cookie love will never die.


Kirby said...

lmao..I love that picture. I bought a couple of boxes of Thin Mints a couple of weeks ago and was going to send you one of the boxes but Shaun ate half of it before I could get it sent...:( I'm glad you found your own though!

Loveanewidea said...

Love the photo of the two of you with ALL THOSE BOXES! Samoas are my favorite - I have to strictly ration them, or I truly will eat the entire pack all at once.

Courtney said...

My boss was selling cookies for his daughter and between my mother and I we bought about $56 worth. Thin mints are my fave as well. My mouth is watering thinking about the box in the fridge. Now I know what I'm doing when I get home from work.

Emily said...

I was just thinking about girl scout cookies and how much I'd love a box of Samoas or tagalongs. Why? Because I found tagalong flavored ice cream at the grocery store. Good, but I still prefer the cookie!

Courtney said...

So I just wanted to add that apparently my dog also enjoys girl scout cookies. I was eating the lemon ones and I had just eaten the filling part out of 4 of them and the cookie part was on my ottoman. I went to take a bath and when I came out my puppy was in the middle of the floor with the last cookie hanging out of her mouth.

shirley said...

i believe you and Bill have something you are both passionate about I believe we bought about 10 boxes and I only got half a box of thin mints which are my favorite aslo

Drew said...

OMG MY MOM SENT ME GIRL SCOUT COOKIES IN A BOX AND I HAVE YET TO EAT THEM BUT I WANT THEM SOOOOOOOOOOO BAD RIGHT NOW! (not at home... at a bar... but thank you for giving me a focus for my foody cravings!) :D