Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fortune Time-Can't Touch This!

At our local Chinese food takeout establishment, fortune cookies cost extra. And yet, I order them anyway. I’m willing to pay 35 cents for my fortune. However, I am not willing to pay 35 cents to order a fortune cookie which is always mysteriously absent from my order. So, even though I ate Chinese food merely 2 weeks ago, this is a recycled fortune from back in October. But it works in connection with the recent holidays, and you’ll see why.

“To be mature is to accept imperfections.”

Yes, such as this monstrosity (which I was very proud of regardless of its cosmetic...issues):

It literally fell apart when we picked it up. Moist!

Instead of this:

PA-LEEEZZE. It is pretty though, right? *Sigh*
Oh well, it looked disgusting, but still tasted like a turkey! Yep, I am so totally mature.

Oh Herbs, you will be missed.
One last thing: here's Herbert before he was roasted up. Happy guy, I'd say.


Anonymous said...

He still makes me laugh! I love Herbert, the uncooked version!

Lulu said...

Wow Blair. You kill me. I am LOL. That is one nas-TAY looking turkey! I am sure it tasted delicious! The pic of the pre cooked bird is hysterical. And it has a butt chin! It's great!